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Well. I'm pretty sure one of these already exists out there (anyone got a link to share?) but as we well and know, it's always nice for multiple crews to exist and new ones to get formed for the sake of everyone feeling included let's pretend that doesn't halfway defeat the point. So as a result of that, and old chatting it up with The Best Friend...

Including any and all video game related things.

Peculiars and rules.
- Limit of THREE picks. -

- What You Can Pick -
If it is related to video games, you can pick it. This includes any systems, franchises, game titles, characters, developers, directors, creators, artists, whatever -- so long as it's related to video games. Feel free to be creative, but I do reserve the right to challenge or deny you if you get too far fetched in your pickings. Note: If something (like a game title) is listed here without a claim (like someone picked characters from it but no one's claimed the title) you can still claim that. (:

- What You Can't Pick -
I don't want to be too restricting, but there are a couple of rules that are particular to this crew that make sense, as it's a freaking massive one (this is excluding the obvious -- can't pick something already claimed, can't pick something unrelated, etc). I'll try to keep it brief, but please look at these before you start a'claiming.

1. You cannot pick a major reappearing franchise character outside of the franchise. For example, say someone has already taken Link for Legend of Zelda (franchise). You cannot pick Link for A Link to the Past or The Twilight Princess -- Link is taken. You can't pick a different Pikachu for each Pokemon game. Just to keep things fair. You can pick game specific characters, like, for example, Prince Ralis in The Twilight Princess as he only appears there and isn't part of the franchise.
2. From your three picks, you cannot pick more than one piece of hardware. If you pick the Wiimote, you cannot also pick the Classic Controller.
3. You cannot claim more than one franchise title and/or game title. As in, you can't take both the Metroid franchise and Dragon Quest VII -- one or the other. [edit] This seems to be the most confusing rule. This means if you picka franchise, you can't pick a game, or vice versa, even if it isn't from the franchise. (This is because game titles and franchises will be the most popular things to pick up, and are of much more limited quantity than characters, so you only get one.)
4. You cannot pick a character from a franchise you chose. If you did choose the Metroid franchise, you cannot pick Ridley as a character.
5. You cannot pick more than one character from a single game/franchise. Meaning you can't take, say, both Mew and Turtwig from Pokemon.
6. You cannot pick more than one real person associated with gaming. For example, you can't pick Eiji Aonuma and Shigeru Miyamoto -- one or the other.

These rules mostly exist to keep people from attempting to monopolize a series or franchise, especially games with few characters. The whole point is to kinda gather people. XD If I see ... that I missed something, then I will add to the rules. Don't want to though, they're already kinda long for a crew. :x

ANYWAY YOU ALL. I know I'm nuts for doing this, but let's get it going...

Code and things.
Comment with what you want (include the sublistings so I can make sure things end up in the right place in case I'm unfamiliar with a game or something...), and then when I confirm, use this code to post the link in your LJ userinfo or... where you list blogcrews in your LJ, lol


Feel free to alter the code, make your own, create images (that's what I want to do :3), whatever. Share whatever you want back with me to go here. Just please make sure it links back to this entry, otherwise what's the point?!

Feel free to pimp this thing out to other LJ people (like your own flist or communities)... as I by no means know everyone or am a member of every videogame related community, and this thing is totally needing of the pimpage to be successful. :D


In Alphabetical Order Under Subtitles


『Nintendo Entertainment System』
...【Zapper → lisiche
『Nintendo DS → linen

『Sega Genesis → valanya

『PlayStation 1 → soldierturtle
『PlayStation 2 → traeumere



★The Legend of Zelda★
『Link → lisiche

★Metal Gear Solid★
『Otacon → lisiche

『Samus Aran → linen

★Phoenix Wright★
『Miles Edgeworth → enjolras
『Ema Skye → soldierturtle

★Resident Evil → haru_mania

★Shining Force → valanya

★Soul Caliber → chrysanthemums

『KOS-MOS → haru_mania



★Chrono Cross → linen

★Devil May Cry → traeumere

★Earthbound → soldierturtle
『Poo → haru_mania

★Final Fantasy VIII★
『Seifer Almasy → valanya
『Laguna Loire → enjolras

★Kingdom Hearts II★
『Roxas → chrysanthemums

★Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne★
『Isamu Nitta → traeumere

★Tales of the Abyss → madeofwin
『Guy Cecil → himehikari
『Jade Curtiss → enjolras
『Luke fon Fabre → chrysanthemums

★Tales of Symphonia → highside


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