Ashke (linen) wrote,


You know what I like? I like the fact that I will have money again. I like that I can spend wildly and still afford monthly things. I like that soon, oh so soon, I will have a real couch, and maybe even a real thing to put my TV on, and maybe some real chairs that are less metal and foldy.

But I DON'T like my tiny amounts of free time these days! Those Hetalia kinks I started like 2 months ago? Not finished. Haven't touched them in like a month and a half. Need to get after that, and I hope I can do it this weekend. I have piles -- literally -- of things to read. I have a stack of video games too high that I haven't finished, and an equally as high stack that I haven't even started. I have movies I want to watch, and TV shows to catch up on. Work on Fastar that needs to be done, and I keep adding to it! Something needs to go.

I think a nice week of vacation would help me accomplish most things. I could write my crap, and then I could beat a couple of video games. Whittle down the book stack.

As it stands, my weekends provide little real relief; they have LOTS going on. And it's totally not like I dislike this. Oh goodness no, I love being busy. But shit! I need some more time in my days.

I need a small 4 day weekend. Friday-Monday thing. Then... then everything will be done. EVERYTHING. AHAHAHAHAHA
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