Ashke (linen) wrote,

wherein I herp derp a bit.

Session planning when the sessions are spinning wildly out of control is a little hard, because you know I'm not sure what's going to happen when Alice McFuckingLaughlin wakes up from her "nap". Eric kinda has been willingly kidnapped in a rash of unadulterated Lada Gaga, which we know is dangerous for any involved parties. There is a meek little librarian afraid of being eaten by a hippie French elf, and Yllani seems intent on spontaneously generating gay uniformed elves that are turning me into a fangirl of my own creations, which I'm sure is an act of serious narcissism, but now that I think about it Andre and Francois are so cute you guys.

Life is continuing along it's tracks and things are going well. I have some less metal and foldy chairs added to the living room (and one in my bedroom for good measure and reading). I am playing so much tabletop these days that it's a little gross; I might be a bit skewed in this thinking because so much of my time is spent planning out what might happen next in Fastar. The new chairs (and new couch! right! it's so nice!) have done me good thanks to the massive amount of coming and going people have been doing in my apartment recently.

My cat continues to get huge. Hamlet now weighs nearly 14 lbs, and while I love to rub his tummy and call him fatty, he really isn't fat -- he's just big. Big big cat. But so very sweet, if a little full of claws and teeth when it's play time. I love him.

Life life life, I'm continuing to do it. Enjoying the holiday season, been off all week, and just got home today after a few days of laying on my ass playing video games and reading and gaming and session planning. Heading back to Jackson in time for Thanksgiving dinner Saturday with friends, and a D&D game Sunday. Followed by work and Fastar on Monday, and the cycle continues.

I am so boring! I am sorry.
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