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The more you try to qualify, the more it will all pass you by.

Some people like to make life harder than it is.

1 February 1987
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Name: Ashley
Age: 21
Race: Human
Birthday: Feb. 1
Class: Old Fogey

Power: -2
Finesse: 2
Agility: -1
Stamina: 1
Intelligence: 7
Insight: 3
Willpower: 1

What is this hallowed home?
This is the journal of Ashley, who is many things. She is a Game Master and world builder, she is a techie, nerd, geek, and dork, she is a Japanophile, weeabo, anime fan, and gamer, she is a writer and an artist (with a loose definition of the word). She is too involved and just the way she likes it. She likes wearing costumes, and does it every day. She wants to make beautiful things with her hands, and fill her home with them. She is a reader of books and a watcher of film. She has a bag full of toys. She works at a job and doesn't work elsewhere.

This journal used to be friends only, but that has since been removed. She did not go back and unlock all previously private entries, but from then on out all entries will be public.

Blog crews, communities, & other clickie things.

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